At Cummin Landscape Supply, we offer reliable dirt recycling services specifically tailored for contractors. Our goal is to provide an efficient and eco-friendly solution for managing excess dirt from your projects. Please note the following stipulations when considering our dirt recycling services:

No Contaminated Soil

We strictly adhere to environmental regulations and therefore cannot accept any soil that is contaminated with hazardous materials, chemicals, or pollutants. Our focus is on recycling clean and safe soil.

No Household Trash

We do not accept any soil that is mixed with household trash or waste. Please ensure that the dirt you bring for recycling is free from any non-organic debris.

No Dirt with Household Debris

Our recycling process is designed to handle dirt that primarily consists of rocks and roots. Soil mixed with household debris, such as plastic, glass, or metal objects, cannot be accepted.

No Excessive Moisture

To ensure efficient processing and recycling, we require that soil is free from excessive moisture or mud. Please allow the soil to dry out before delivering it to us for recycling.

Acceptance and Pricing:
The acceptance of dirt for recycling is subject to our discretion based on the quality and suitability of the soil. Our pricing for dirt recycling services is based upon individual jobs and factors such as the volume of dirt, transportation, and processing requirements. We strive to provide competitive and fair pricing based on the specific needs of your project. Partner with Cummin Landscape Supply for your dirt recycling needs, and let us assist you in responsibly managing your excess soil while promoting environmental sustainability. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to receive a personalized quote for our dirt recycling services.